Preparation Before going to Bromo

Preparation Before going to Bromo. Hi Traveling lovers if you want to go on a trip to Mount Bromo or any mountain, there are some preparations that you must do before starting the journey.

Never go up to the mountain without preparation if you don’t want to be sorry.
Things – what things should be prepared before going to Bromo, see the following info:

Preparation Before going to Bromo

Preparation of Equipment Before going to Bromo.

Before starting the trip to Mount Bromo it would be nice if previously prepared some equipment that must be brought as follows.

1. Fleeces
This warm shirt is a must for travelers, because the temperature and the air there are very cold, especially when waiting for the sunrise to appear in pananjakan 1 or kingkong hill, the air is very cold, it can be minus usual.

For travelers if they have brought their warm clothes at Bromo, they are still freezing there, there is also a jacket rental service. For a quiet price, it is quite affordable, only 20,000, the travelers can rent it.

2. Kerpus, Shall & Gloves
Kerpus and shall also need to be brought because the shell is made of head cover and then the ears for the shall be used for nose and neck coverings so as not to cool.

For gloves and others if there is no traveler can buy there, then enter the TNBTS area there will be many local traders of Tengger tribe who sell bromo, kerpus, typical bromo gloves & socks.

3. Shoes & socks
These shoes and socks are as protective equipment for the feet, so if you ride a mountain of safety, it must be used to avoid injury because the terrain is steep and can also protect your feet from rocks and heat from the sun.

4. Personal Medications
If the traveler has a cold allergy or has a special illness, bring personal medicines that are commonly used to keep watch during a relapse, because there are no shops selling medicines. So take care of yourself

5. Food provision
Very cold air makes the stomach feel hungry. So we recommend bringing food with high fat content such as chocolate, chocolate. It can warm the body because the calorie content is high, but if warm and warm travelers there are also selling instant noodles, hot drinks, fried foods and roasted corn.

6. Glasses & Powerbank
These 2 accessories don’t miss out when traveling to Mount Bromo, in addition to enjoying the beauty of Mount Bromo the travelers will also capture beautiful moments with family, couples, and friends.

So do not let the glasses and Powerbank be left behind, the tour will be less exciting if you don’t bring these accessories.

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