Cultural Value You Can Get in Bromo Tour Package

Cultural Value You Can Get in Bromo Tour Package . Planning to visit Bromo? October is the best time to visit. The fact that October is in the transition season from rain to dry season makes the vegetation and weather up there so enchanting. You could see the green savannah without getting wet and witness the majestic sunrise without getting covered by dark cloud or thick mist. There is one more important thing you should note. This is the month when Yadnya Kasada ceremony is held annually. In this month, you better add cultural knowledge into your Bromo tour package.

Tengger Culture And Festivall

The natives who live up there are Tenggerese people. They are Javanese ethnic who are believed to be the descendant of Majapahit kingdom that refuged with their princess Roro Anteng. A local legend tells how Roro Anteng should sacrifice her twenty-fifth child to the mountain. The legend becomes Tenggerese’s tradition that they throw their harvest to crater. They always do the tradition on fourteenth day of Kasada month at October. By including this festival in your Bromo tour package, you could see the ritual started by natives gathering together with their offerings in Luhur Poten temple and pray together. They climb up together to the crater to throw the blessings. Some locals even go down a bit closer to the crater as they believe they could get a better luck. After that, they are back to the temple and pray again for the prosperity and safety.

In addition, there is a myth that you may not get from the agent of Bromo tour package like recomended travel agent . The myth is if you and your couple count the steps of stair to crater then have the same result, you are meant to be together then. After you get enough with the crater, you can explore other parts of the Cinta (love) Hill for example. It is named after love because this was the place where Roro Anteng fell in love with her spouse.

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