Be Aware of West Papua Genocide!

West Papua news – In around 2015, President Jokowi asserted that International Journalists have been allowed and free to go to West Papua alike to some other parts of Indonesia. This occurence aims ait finishing VISA permits by the International Journalists. If the fact is just like that, then is it true that journalists have ever prohibited to com into Papua? In fact, in 2013, 354 jornalists visas to Indonesia, 28 of them have been going to Papua and West Papua. Recently, Agustinus Makabori, the Head of Keep Allow Division of Immigration Workplace Jayapura, said that numerous international residents (176) delay their journey to free from January to August 2018. The restrictions of international journalist come into Papua always hide a reason behind it. It was firsly restricted when Soeakrno still a president of Indonesia (1945-1966).

The Authorities undertaken by Indonesian could be a very harsh given to International journalists permission to West Papua. The restriction is actually used to protect Free West Papua from Genocide evil from outside boundaries of Indonesia. This the way the government defense West Papua from all dangerous threats from other countries. It means that Indonesia still put their concern, so the Papuans feel their pleasant life living as a part of Indonesia, eventhough the news is debatable. Journalists come into West Papua must be accomplished by information protection, information photograph, or different type of journalisr attending in Indonesia should firstly, apply for a permission earlier than using the journalist visa.

Since Indonesia has its own rule and boundaries in restricting International Journalists who can come into West Papua to avoid west papua conflict, then the referred people should make contact with numerous of native media collegue in Indonesia, which means they have to be an Indonesian citizen. The website of Indonesian ministry of Overseas,, which ease the overseas people to make in contact with Indonesia overseas government.

Preparation Before going to Bromo

Preparation Before going to Bromo. Hi Traveling lovers if you want to go on a trip to Mount Bromo or any mountain, there are some preparations that you must do before starting the journey.

Never go up to the mountain without preparation if you don’t want to be sorry.
Things – what things should be prepared before going to Bromo, see the following info:

Preparation Before going to Bromo

Preparation of Equipment Before going to Bromo.

Before starting the trip to Mount Bromo it would be nice if previously prepared some equipment that must be brought as follows.

1. Fleeces
This warm shirt is a must for travelers, because the temperature and the air there are very cold, especially when waiting for the sunrise to appear in pananjakan 1 or kingkong hill, the air is very cold, it can be minus usual.

For travelers if they have brought their warm clothes at Bromo, they are still freezing there, there is also a jacket rental service. For a quiet price, it is quite affordable, only 20,000, the travelers can rent it.

2. Kerpus, Shall & Gloves
Kerpus and shall also need to be brought because the shell is made of head cover and then the ears for the shall be used for nose and neck coverings so as not to cool.

For gloves and others if there is no traveler can buy there, then enter the TNBTS area there will be many local traders of Tengger tribe who sell bromo, kerpus, typical bromo gloves & socks.

3. Shoes & socks
These shoes and socks are as protective equipment for the feet, so if you ride a mountain of safety, it must be used to avoid injury because the terrain is steep and can also protect your feet from rocks and heat from the sun.

4. Personal Medications
If the traveler has a cold allergy or has a special illness, bring personal medicines that are commonly used to keep watch during a relapse, because there are no shops selling medicines. So take care of yourself

5. Food provision
Very cold air makes the stomach feel hungry. So we recommend bringing food with high fat content such as chocolate, chocolate. It can warm the body because the calorie content is high, but if warm and warm travelers there are also selling instant noodles, hot drinks, fried foods and roasted corn.

6. Glasses & Powerbank
These 2 accessories don’t miss out when traveling to Mount Bromo, in addition to enjoying the beauty of Mount Bromo the travelers will also capture beautiful moments with family, couples, and friends.

So do not let the glasses and Powerbank be left behind, the tour will be less exciting if you don’t bring these accessories.

For those of you who want to make a trip to Mount Bromo from a travel agency, check out Surabaya Bromo Tour Package from

Bromo Tour Package with Malang City Travel For Family Tour

Bromo Tour Package with Enjoyable Trip around Malang City . It is such a waste to visit Mount Bromo without touring around Malang, a peaceful city in East Java located close to this composite volcano. This city has so many things to offer. It has a great natural landscape. You can enjoy the view of big mountains and green forests that surround this serene city. If you like trip around coastal area, Malang also has several stunning beaches that will pamper your eyes. This city also possesses deep and complex historical background. Various historical relics are spread throughout the city. Therefore, tourists rave about Bromo tour package that includes trip around Malang. It is a perfect peaceful getaway plan for family and friends. related :

Bromo Tour Package with Malang City Travel For Family Tour

Bromo Tour Package with Malang City Travel For Family Tour

Usually, this type of Bromo tour package starts at the volcanic mountain. You will be brought to see sunrise from a certain view point since very early in the morning. The tour can even begin at 2 a.m.! Moreover, you will be asked to work out a little by doing short trekking before finally enjoying the spectacular sunrise and scenery of other surrounding mountains like Semeru. After that, you can enjoy other attractions such as horse riding in the Sea of Sand and capture great photos for your social media accounts.

You then will travel to Malang. It takes about four hours to get to the city from Mount Bromo. Most packages offer a mix between natural landscape and modernized attractions. Just visit waterfalls like Coban Pelangi and Coban Rondo. It is definitely better visiting during rainy season as the waterfalls are in their peak state. Jatim Park is usually also a part of the itinerary. For local culinary tour, tourists are usually directed to Pasar Apung. You can get cultural enrichment by visiting various museums, such as Transportation Museum. Well, Bromo tour package is surely a delight.

Cultural Value You Can Get in Bromo Tour Package

Cultural Value You Can Get in Bromo Tour Package . Planning to visit Bromo? October is the best time to visit. The fact that October is in the transition season from rain to dry season makes the vegetation and weather up there so enchanting. You could see the green savannah without getting wet and witness the majestic sunrise without getting covered by dark cloud or thick mist. There is one more important thing you should note. This is the month when Yadnya Kasada ceremony is held annually. In this month, you better add cultural knowledge into your Bromo tour package.

Tengger Culture And Festivall

The natives who live up there are Tenggerese people. They are Javanese ethnic who are believed to be the descendant of Majapahit kingdom that refuged with their princess Roro Anteng. A local legend tells how Roro Anteng should sacrifice her twenty-fifth child to the mountain. The legend becomes Tenggerese’s tradition that they throw their harvest to crater. They always do the tradition on fourteenth day of Kasada month at October. By including this festival in your Bromo tour package, you could see the ritual started by natives gathering together with their offerings in Luhur Poten temple and pray together. They climb up together to the crater to throw the blessings. Some locals even go down a bit closer to the crater as they believe they could get a better luck. After that, they are back to the temple and pray again for the prosperity and safety.

In addition, there is a myth that you may not get from the agent of Bromo tour package like recomended travel agent . The myth is if you and your couple count the steps of stair to crater then have the same result, you are meant to be together then. After you get enough with the crater, you can explore other parts of the Cinta (love) Hill for example. It is named after love because this was the place where Roro Anteng fell in love with her spouse.

Important Notes In Mount Rinjani Trekking

Who would not want to climb Mount Rinjani? The mountain is already famous for its natural beauty has attracted the interest of various tourists, especially foreign tourists. This can be seen from the number of foreign tourists who climb Mount Rinjani trekking compared to domestic tourists. There you can meet many foreign tourists from various countries especially when you’ve passed the post 1. For those of you who want to save energy can hire a porter who will help bring the equipment of the climbers during the ascent to Plewangan Sembalun where this point is the nearest point and the last post to the top highest Mount Rinjani.

In addition you also must leave early in the morning if you do not want to spend extra just to rent an inn in basecamp early before making the climb. Therefore the day before the departure to basecamp you should prepare your equipment and physical so that the next day can leave in the morning. Then you should not run out of water supplies because the source of abundant water is quite difficult you get during Mount Rinjani trekking unless you have arrived at the lake Segara Anak. There you can fill the supply of clean water as you please, but to reach Segara Anak you need more than 4 hours journey with steep terrain that must be passed by every climber.

Mount Rinjani trekking will be more tiring when the climbers begin to move from Segara Anak and continue the journey to the top of Rinjani. In the climb to the summit the climbers can spend about 4 hours even more depending on the struggle of each climber. The terrain to be traversed will be dominated by winding sandy terrain and uphill. Even on some paths you have to go through the road with a slope of more than 45 degrees. In through this sandy terrain you have to be careful because the climbers will get mired when stepping so that the climbers will repeat the steps. The struggle will not be in vain because the climbers do not want to move when it has been enjoying the natural beauty of Indonesia from the top of Mount Rinjani is very fascinating and thrilling.